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Our company is internationally well recognized for its 40+ years of experience in

  • Computer Aided Engineering
  • Business Consulting including project and interim management.
  • Customized training courses in terms of CAE and Peopl[E]volution.

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We are working independently with selected business partners. Our primary objective is to realize your requirements/ requests and to transfer them into leading-edge solutions for a maximized benefit (please refer to Business Consulting ).

Demands and challenges for insight and innovation are to leave commodity and dive into unexploited waters -
" zooming out".

"Looking for Improvements by Diving into the Virtual World".

Let us quote two famous people with some pieces of wisdom at this point:

  • Johann Wolfgang von Goethe:
    "Es irrt der Mensch, so lang er strebt"

    A literal translation into English of this famous sentence might be:
    "Human beings are often mistaken when they are striving for something".
  • Georg Friedrich Hegel:
    "Nothing great in the world has ever been accomplished without passion".